Pharmaceuticals and Supplements


KSMC is a Belgian company based in Brussels active in the food supplement and medical sector. Its mission is to provide high quality and effective products that enhance health and well-being and meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

KSMC offers full range of products under Fyto+ brand that provide health benefits for adults, children and entire family.

KSMC provide expert design, processing, packaging, legal, and marketing services to empower the success of our business to consumer clients.

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Farbod Labs was established in 2016 with the creation of our first nootropic supplement – Neuro Advance. Neuro Advance is the most powerful and effective smart drug on the market because it contains 19 ingredients that are clinically proven to enhance cognitive ability. Because of the multiple benefits nootropics have on the brain, it is clear that this is a super smart drug that will help you improve your performance in all aspects of your life.

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