Pharmaceutical Plants

The 21st century is a century of nature return, and most researchers in the pharmaceutical and medical sciences of reputable universities and research institutes in the world, and pharmaceutical factories, have focused their attention on research into the identification of effective substances, pharmacological properties, therapeutic applications and the manufacture of pharmaceutical forms. From medicinal herbs.

Fortunately, Iran has an unprecedented biodiversity (with 11 out of the world's 13 known climates) and a very rich flora of various herbs, a major part of which is medicinal plants (of the 8,000 herbs in Iran) 2300 species are aromatic and medicinal plants) and these two features have made Iran a herbal source of the world, especially medicinal plants. On the other hand, our country has had a long history of its experimental use by the great scientists and proprietors such as Razi, Ibn Sina, Biruni and Jorjani, who have been the leader in the use of herbs in treatment, and have a very high contribution to the development of medical sciences in the world in the other centuries and ages.

The science based company of AmitisGen Med TECH Group to promote indigenous knowledge and development of employment based on national production, utilizing experts in the field of botanical garden, in particular medicinal plants and using existing substrates (Integrated Plant Culture and Technology of Medicinal Plants More than 200 hectares of agricultural land and advanced processing systems) are in the process of mass production of medicinal plants and their processing, and are ready to supply a variety of medicinal plants and their derivatives of the best quality and affordable prices to domestic and foreign applicants

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